Yasmine El Baramawy
1 November 2020 - 31 December 2020

New collaboration with Safemuse and Notam in Oslo and Safe Haven in Malmö around the Oud-player/musician, Yasmine El Baramawy, which will support her development as composer, within the electroacoustic field and theater and film music. We offer a place to work, our network and a bit of tech support and equipment.

Yasmine El Baramawy is an Egyptian musician, sound artist, Oud performer and composer who came to Malmö through the ICORN City of refuge programme in 2020.

She develops an original sound universe around her practice of the Oud – one of the world’s oldest instruments, but also around concrete music and other electronic experiments. She builds sound installations mingling with poetry and spoken word added to her Oud live manipulations. While her approach is characterized by a permanent sound research exploring both the acoustic tradition of the oud and the adventurous and transversal sound practices.

Besides music composition and sound design Yasmine is a political activist engaged in women’s rights.

During her collaboration with Safemuse and Notam she made a recording that was used in the Safe Havens Conference Global Stream that ends with a recap webinar tomorrow, December 3rd.

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Yasmine El Baramawy