Inkonst (x2)

Inkonst (x2)

Inkonst is an international art centre in Malmö featuring music, theatre, dance, performance, film, literature and art, located in the same building as IAC.

Inkonst # 1 – An international residency for contemporary performing arts and interdisciplinary artistic expression

Together we have created a residency programme with a multidisciplinary artistic focus, where we bring in professional artists who challenge the performing and visual arts traditional framework to create new and different projects. We offer four theatre groups and performing artists four-week residency each. Each residency is tailored to the artists’ specific needs, but the goal is to offer the residents accommodation, travel, technical staff, rehearsal and performance facilities, necessary equipment, and a stipend for the entire period. For example, a group may start working at IAC and later move on to Inkonst where the work is performed in front of audience.

Together, IAC and Inkonst offer a unique creative environment for the residents, with resources that are unique in Sweden: IAC’s facilities, technical staff and equipment, along with Inkonst’s Black box which in size is one of the finest performance facilities in Sweden. The artists also benefit from our network of artists and researchers, and contacts with other venues and organisations in the Nordic region and internationally.

Inkonst # 2 – An international residency for contemporary music, sound art and experimental club culture

This residency programme covers the field of music and artists working in the borderland between art, sound art and experimental club culture.

Inkonst and IAC have developed an international residency platform with a focus somewhere in the borderland between art, sound art and experimental club culture. With this residency we want to create opportunities for professional artists and groups to work and develop in a high-quality, active and exciting cross-artistic environment with a clear link between research and artistic work. With this programme we want to explore what happens in the spaces between the already defined artistic expression, and to challenge, break down and renew the forms of what a concert or public performance should and can be.

The residency periods are flexible and will be adapted to the visitors’ wishes and needs. During the residency period, we offer the public meetings with the artists’ work and offer workshops or artist lectures with invited guests. We offer the possibility of premiering the resident’s work and as co-producers, we also have the ambition to present the new productions in public, national and international contexts.

Selection process

The residents are selected and invited by IAC and Inkonst.

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