Sara Wallgren

Sara Wallgren

Sara Wallgren (*1981 Örebro, Sweden) lives and works in Berlin and Södra Karstorp. Educated at Malmö Art Academy, 2010.

Sara Wallgren’s work balances between drawing and sound. With her sound pieces, she is often trying to explore what sound can do, how far it can travel, how it moves, how it relates to the surrounding. Her drawings are often a way to give the otherwise invisible sound a body.

Her presentation will focus on experiences, thoughts, and questions in relation to working with sound art in the public sphere. The talk will revolve around these questions through looking at two works in particular.  ‘Rösternas Geometri’ – a public commission for a hospital in Malmö where the voice and a sound installation are central to the project, as well as a recent work entitled ‘The Lament,’ presented in Lund in 2022. 

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Photo: Sara Wallgren “Låt höra, Låt se”, Skissmaterial

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