Sophia Alexandersson

Sophia Alexandersson

Remote Performance to support inclusion and accessibility

During the autumn of 2022, ShareMusic & Performing Arts (ShareMusic) are co-operating with Region Skåne and IAC on the project ‘Remote Performance Skåne’. The aim of the project is to create and develop a digital environment in which people, regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities, can be musically creative together but remotely, and with the possibility for simultaneously performing in front of a live audience.

In her talk, Sophia will share details of the ongoing project towards remote performances and of her experiences from and thoughts of working towards inclusion in the field of arts.

What makes Remote Performance such a special project is that the digital technology is developed with inclusion and accessibility in primary focus. We are working towards opportunities for remote musical co-creations with a maximum sense of shared presence and reality for the participants. A main objective of the project is making it possible for the user to participate remotely, for example, from home, with their own digital equipment, and without the need for access to high-tech and specialized hardware.

As part of the development of digital technology for remote performances, ShareMusic are co-operating with Stanford University (USA), towards minimizing the commonly present latency incidence in real-time broadcasting. ShareMusic is also co-operating with X-System Ltd (UK) on a project aiming to make it technically possible to create or modulate music and sounds directly from thoughts and emotions.

Sophia Alexandersson is the chief executive and artistic director of ShareMusic & Performing Arts, a Swedish knowledge centre focusing on artistic development and inclusion. Through her background in music and teaching and a strong belief in the universal right to express yourself as an artist, Sophia is very committed to the development of disabled people’s opportunities to perform and participate in and contribute to the field of arts.

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Photo by: Gianluca La Bruna

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