Tanja Hylling Diers

Tanja Hylling Diers

PhD research project: “Who Cares? – Expanding dramaturgy into an embodied practice of caring and listening”

PhD supervisors: Esa Kirkkopelto, Professor of artistic research, Malmö Theatre Academy; and Stine Hebert, Curator

Institution: Malmö Theatre Academy

Period: January 2020 – December 2023

The aim with this research project is to produce knowledge that can contribute to a deeper understanding of how we as artists in the performing arts can work with diverse groups of people, especially vulnerable groups on the margins of society who often have no voice to express opinions and experiences. My main interest is how to develop my dramaturgical practice with practices such as deep listening, care-full listening and slow listening, as well as curatorial strategies in a deep, slow and ethically-conscious development process. My artistic research is informed by my work as a dramaturg and curator in mainly the Danish performing arts scene and the many experiences of how collaborations between arts and non-artists can challenge existing modes of arts making and expose unexpected potential and break down prejudge.

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