Tim Bishop & Freja Andersson

Tim Bishop & Freja Andersson

A presentation of interactive artistic works and a follow-up on the “Exploring MaxMSP course” 

Freja and Tim will present a number of their own artistic works investigating the role of interaction in art contexts and how this can open up new ways of thinking about audience. Addressing the link between aesthetics and technology, the talk will conclude with a follow-up on the “Exploring MaxMSP course” at Inter Arts Center in November where both Freja and Tim were involved in teaching visual programming environment MaxMSP as a tool for interaction to fellow artists and creators.

Freja Andersson is a Malmö-based filmmaker and artist working with video, installation, performance, text and photography. Her work explores layers of representation memory and history, and translations between different spaces, media and formats. Freja has an MFA from Stockholm University of the Arts. Her work has been presented at Skissernas Museum (Lund), Fotografiska (Stockholm), Moderna Museet (Malmö), Galleri CC (Malmö) & Galleria Studio (Warsaw).

Read more about film-maker and artist Freja Andersson and her Region Skåne residency at IAC.

Tim Bishop is a performance and sound artist, living and working in Lund, Sweden. His practice focuses on creating personal connections between artwork and audience, prompting individual and, often, emotional responses through sensory, evocative and highly aesthetic experiences. Revolving around each participant’s perceptions of themselves and the environment around them, often in a one-to-one context, Tim uses spatial audio, darkness and immersive technologies to explore knowledge of the self through our shared experiences. Tim’s work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia and the UK, including performances at Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, Lunds konsthall, Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg, Galleri CC in Malmö and Kulturhuset, Stockholm.

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Photo credits: Tim Bishop & Freja Andersson

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