Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop is a performance and sound artist, living and working in Lund, Sweden. His practice focuses on creating personal connections between artwork and audience, prompting individual and, often, emotional responses through sensory, evocative and highly aesthetic experiences. Revolving around each participant’s perceptions of themselves and the environment around them, often in a one-to-one context, Tim uses spatial audio, darkness and immersive technologies to explore knowledge of the self through our shared experiences. Tim’s work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia and the UK, including performances at Arnolfini gallery, Bristol, Lunds konsthall, Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg, Galleri CC in Malmö and Kulturhuset, Stockholm. Tim is also the founder and curator of Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance and has taught spatial audio, MaxMSP and field recording techniques at places such as Lund University, Malmö Art Academy, Region Gävleborg, VR Narrative Lab and BoostHbg.

Recent projects include ‘Blackout’, a one-to-one performance taking place in total darkness using spatial and interactive object-based audio and haptic feedback to engage with participants’ perception of their own unique presence in the universe through an auditory version of object permanence. Tim is currently working on ‘Sheltered’ which is a year-long installation project recording ambisonic sound and weather data inside the ‘Arctic Circle’ to explore climate change through experiential rather than text-based means. The project will be developed at Inter Arts Center in mid-2022, with the resulting installation combining EEG data from each visitor to control simulated recreations of an Arctic climate around a polar tent within which each visitor will experience the installation.

In addition to his own practice, Tim also works as a spatial audio designer, artistic collaborator and audio technology consultant on art and theatre projects with groups such as Teater Insite, SPECT and Skillinge Teater.

Visit Tim Bishop’s website – timbishopartist.com

Read Tim Bishop’s CV here (PDF, 90 kB, new tab)

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