Yann Coppier & Charlotte Østergaard

Yann Coppier & Charlotte Østergaard

Crating spaces – connecting bodies

Immersive technologies tend, by default, to isolate people from the real-world if not from each other or, in most cases, from their own body. As a matter of fact, connections between immersed people usually happen in the virtual world itself.

Therefore, the question raised by the simple idea of a public immersion – almost an oxymoron – pushes towards a radical, creative answer: in order to keep an immersed audience together, one might paradoxically need to amplify the acknowledgement of the other’s presence, here and now. Even more so, the audience might also have to engage into the re-discovery of the space around them, together and if possible, in a playful way.

Still, to create immersive conditions we need to change, or at least to modify reality. Together, visual and sound artists Charlotte Østergaard and Yann Coppier propose to immerse the audience into a physical universe, in which bodies are entangled in a shared world-costume, and in which each participant perceives the space around, including themselves, through other’s ears. Linking people physically while making them activate and re-compose the space around them through their actions and the sounds they produce.

Yann Coppier is a sound artist, composer, performer and producer focusing on artistic research and sound qualities within the experimental field.

Visit Yann Coppier’s webpage – studio-ovale.com

Listen to Yann’s releases at Bandcamp – bandcamp.com

Charlotte Østergaard is a visual artist, educator, and artistic researcher in between the fields of costume design, textile- and performing arts.

Visit Charlotte Østergaard’s website – charlotteostergaardcopenhagen.dk

See Charlotte’s artistic research project here – portal.research.lu.se

Image #1: This experiment with loudspeakers sitting as an audience on humans was the ending point of Yann Coppier’s three-year artistic research project ‘Poetics of sound and sonic dramaturgy’ (the Danish National School of Performing Arts), which explored original ways of working with sound.

Image #2: ‘AweAre – a movement quintet’, Ny Carlsbergfondet’s UP CLOSE performance festival 2020, Photo: Frida Gregersen, Costume concept: Charlotte Østergaard, Performance co-created by: Alex Berg, Camille Marchadour, Daniel Jeremiah Persson and Charlotte Østergaard

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