Yann Coppier

Yann Coppier

PhD research project: “How to make the future unpredictable”

PhD supervisor:  Michael Edward Edgerton (main), Hedvig Jalhed (second)

Institution: Malmö Academy of Music

Period: November 2023 – November 2027

Predicting the future is easy in many ways. The real challenge is to make the future unpredictable. Now that is usually not the way one thinks about science, in which projection matters a lot. But I am deeply interested in evaluating scientific developments towards that moment during which every paradigm changes, because someone, a person, a team or several teams collaborating, bring a new idea that rocks its whole own environment. Things that were there the whole time but could not be accessed yet, for any good reason.

And then find out how to capture that into sound and music, through installations and compositions of varied forms. The result could be sculpted into blocks of white noise. It could be made of bombarded particles generating new material. It could be made for buildings, for worms, for distant moons of distant planets, or for neutrons as an audience in its quest to develop new possibles. And of course it is all that already, and way more.

Yann Coppier, a French living in Copenhagen, is a composer, sound artist and educator. After being head of the Sound line at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Den Danske Scenekunstskole) between 2014 and 2020, he is currently a freelance artist in Copenhagen, where he is developing new artistic research. He has composed and performed for theatre, contemporary dance and cinema, and has several releases under his belt, both solo and within other constellations.

Visit Yann Coppier’s webpage – studio-ovale.com

Read more about Yann’s PhD in the Lund University Research Portal – portal.research.lu.se

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© Yann Coppier, Intonal 2022. Photo: Ruben Olsen Lærk

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